Soi (pronounced swa) means “Self” in French.

When you take care of yourself, other areas of your life benefit also. Health and a positive attitude on life not only is rewarding but necessary to be true to ourselves and to live our best lives.

At Soi, our philosophy is this – Balance Within Restores Self.

Donna is an intuitive Health, Wellness & Life Coach incorporating her clairvoyance and energy healings into her sessions which are tailored for the individual.

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Clairvoyant / Mediumship Readings

My readings are conducted with both clairvoyance {the gift of perceiving events into the future} and mediumship {seeing spirit} along with clairvoyance {hearing} and empathy {feeling pain or emotions of another person}.

Intuitive Energy Healings / Chakra Balancing

My healings are focused on removing any blockages within the aura and chakras. At times we absorb negativity from out surroundings and other peoples problems, causing us to feel drained and left with no energy for our own goals.

Removal of Negative Energy and Entities

A removal of negative influences session begins with a ‘tuning in’ of where a psychic attack, entity or hex may be on the body.

House Blessings/Cleansings

House Blessings are predominately for people moving into a new home and wish to have a fresh new start free on the past occupants energy.

Living with Intention Health & Wellness Package

Tailored specifically for your health journey, my program is holistic in approach to address any health concerns.

Re-Write the Script – Addressing Anxiety

If you are trying to cope every day with anxiety or agoraphobia, you are most likely not loving your life when you deserve to!

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I wasn’t exactly sure how a health coach was going to help me, but I thought it would be worth a try and in Donna I found a great one.

She was very thorough and methodical in identifying areas where improvements could be made. Her ability to do this in a non-intrusive caring and fun manner was extremely important in helping me develop a relationship and understanding how to achieve better balance in my life.

She is honest caring and most importantly knows what she is talking about. Glad to have been recommended to her 👌

Donna Louise you are incredible!!! My reading with you was something I will never forget. As you know, I went in with my walls up and a little bit sceptical – but that all went away as soon as you began connecting with my loved ones! Your gift is truly amazing Donna, I don’t know how you do it, but I do know it’s real. The accuracy and depth of my reading could only have come from someone with a genuine gift. Thank you Donna Louise, you have proven to me that our loved ones really are around us, watching over us and loving us from the other side! You will be seeing me again! Blessings to you xxx

Jen M.